Service-Link has been successfully deployed at more than 50 utilities. These utilities are experiencing some of the many benefits

Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Clients

The Service-Link system allows total flexibility when it comes to deploying in the field. By offering Windows Mobile, Android, and Windows Desktop support, we cover the full range of device form factors and technologies.

Rapid Deployment

Service-Link’s data-centric architecture allows for its rapid deployment. Service-Link can be deployed much more quickly than traditional systems. This allows customers to benefit immediately from the features of Service-Link and dramatically reduces the project risk.


Service-Link extends data communications to field workers by supporting the leading private and public wireless data networks. Service-Link also enables work orders to be downloaded to mobile devices via dial-up network cards or docking stations.


Most mobile workforce management systems typically take six months or more to implement. With our off-the-shelf simplicity, Service-Link takes a fraction of the time to fully deploy, allowing utilities to begin realizing the full benefits of online workforce management sooner.


Service-Link uses the internet and wireless communications to provide a leading edge workforce management solution that enables you to reduce costs,increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Best of all, you can do it for minimal cost, with minimal difficulty, and minimal IT resources.